About: Loud Voices exists to encourage conversations about barriers in the workplace and to create a safe space to share your experiences.

If you have ever felt that you have been held back in the workplace because of the following: mental health, sexism, disability, racism, ageism, homophobia, bullying or any other reason, then this is a safe space for you to speak out and share Your Story. The aim is to normalise these conversations and make our employers take notice. We are a long way off inclusion for all, but it is important that we keep these conversations alive.

Your first port of call should be the Your Story tab, where you can read about others’ experiences. If you want to share your own story please go ahead. Don’t feel you have to use a real name, the important information is the content of Your Story.

About The Creator of Loud Voices: ‘You’re Quiet Today’ is a book written by Emma, a 27 year old living in London. Her life is what you would call pretty normal. She has a wonderful husband in crime and she is holding down a job. But it didn’t always used to be this way.

The book is inspired by her own mental health struggles in the workplace. She talks about how her anxiety has held her back, both professionally and in her personal life. It struck her as she was writing, that she was one of BILLIONS of people that struggle with some form of barrier in the workplace.

Emma now work with young adults with disabilities to support them to gain and maintain successful employment. Every day she is inspired by their passion and motivation to get up and keep trying even though they are competing in a world that places barriers in front of them.

Emma shared her story in the hopes that you would share yours. It can seem overwhelming at times when there are so many obstacles in your path. But a wise lecturer named Bernie once said, you just have to pick a piece of the puzzle and begin.

Check out the Loud Voices website and explore the forum, interview pages, blog, sources of support and more. Loud Voices is always interested to hear about how to make this site more inclusive, so please do get in touch.

If you have any questions or are interested in being considered for an interview, please get in touch via the contact page or by emailing emma@loud-voices.org.

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